Entrance fees & opening hours

Please consider our front page for current opening hours during vacation or holidays.

Covid 19 Info

On Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays tickets are valid throughout the day, Saturdays and Sundays (+holidays) tickets are valid for 4 hours.

Children up to 12 monthsfree
Children up to 23 months4,00 Euro
Children from 2 to 21 years9,00 Euro
Adults5,00 Euro
Seniors over the age of 65 yearsfree
Wheelchair usersfree
Disabled people (at least 70% disability)3,50 Euro
Ticket of ten for children (May not be combined with birthday offers)80,00 Euro
Ticket of ten for adults (May not be combined with birthday offers)40,00 Euro

Pay easily with ec/ATM card. Tickets of ten are not combinable with discounts or specials.

**Products and prices subject to change.

Groups (kindergarden or school)By agreement
50 kids or more (wednesday-friday between 9.00 am and 12.00 am)By agreement
Kombiticket J-Jump60 Minutes
16 € plus 2,50 € J-Jump Socks
Kombiticket J-Jump90 Minutes19,50 € plus. 2,50 € J-Jump Socks

Playing and jumping in one – what’s that about?
You pay the regular entrance fee for the Kinderland and are able to book an additional 60 or 90 minutes in the J-Jump. We will print your individual Kombiticket on location with a sticker for 60 or 90 minutes.

Opened throughout the entire year (except for: december 24th , 25th, 26th und 31st, as well as January 1st.

Mother’s day each monday*Free entrance for mommys
Family day each wednesday*Free enjoyment for mommys and daddys

* accompanied by at least one child from 2 years; not valid on holidays, vacations and Rosenmontag.
Also not combinable with other promotions or free tickets.

Filtered Coffee11,60 €
Coffee Cream12,10 €
Can of Coffee 15,60 €
Cappuccino 12,60 €
Espresso 11,60 €
Cafe au Lait 12,70 €
Latte Macciato 12,70 €
Hot Chocolate With Cream12,70 €
Chociatto12,70 €
Tea1,60 €
Slush 0,2 l 2,41,70 €
Caprisonne 0,2 l 2,31,00 €
Water 0,33 l2,00 €
Cola / Cola Light 0,33 l 1,2 2,00 €
Mezzo Mix 0,33 l 1,22,00 €
Fanta 0,33 l 22,00 €
Lift 0,33 l 42,00 €

Letter of acceptance

With this you can also come to us without parent or guardian.

Prices for dishes and beverages

You can find a menu in our catering area.


Hallo liebe Gäste,

der Besuch des Kinderlandes kann nur getesteten, vollständig geimpften und genesenen (drei „ G´s “) Besuchern gewährt werden. Für Kinder unter sechs Jahren gilt diese Verordnung nicht. Die Pflicht zur Vorlage eines Schülerausweises gilt für Jugendliche ab 15 Jahren. Kinder und Jugendliche unter 15 Jahren sind schulpflichtig und gelten daraufhin aufgrund ihrer Teilnahme an den verbindlichen Schultestungen grundsätzlich als getestete Personen.

Wir danken Ihnen für Ihr Verständnis.

Ihr Jackelino Team